Boarding and Alighting Nishitetsu Train

1.Purchasing tickets

Please check the fare to your destination from the fare table. Next, press the fare amount on the ticket vending machine and insert money to purchase a ticket.

Purchasing tickets

For child fares press the こども"Child" button. Press the amount then insert money.

2.Catching the train

Catching the train

Insert the ticket into the ticket gate, or tap the IC card on the ticket gate IC card reader. The ticket will be returned so don’t forget to take it.
The Nishitetsu Train operates Local, Express and Limited Express trains. Please check the Digital Displays and Timetable and choose the appropriate train to take you to your destination.


Railway network map


3.Alighting from the train

Alighting the train

On arriving at your destination, insert your ticket into the ticket gate to leave the station.
IC card passengers tap your card on the ticket gate card reader. At unmanned stations hand your ticket to the train driver.


Japan-wide compatible IC cards accepted! (National Compatible Card Service)


Nishitetsu IC card nimoca

National Compatible Card Service
(¥500 deposit and ¥1,500 credit)

The Nishitetsu prepaid IC card nimoca is a convenient way to pay for your fare as it can be recharged and reused. It can be used to pay for bus and train fares, as well as electronic money for shopping.

Available at: Ticket vending machines, on Nishitetsu buses, Nishitetsu train ticket windows and other Nishitetsu sales facilities.


The following are Japanese transportation IC cards that can be used on Nishitetsu buses, trains and stores that accept nimoca.



For information on nimoca, please contact the nimoca Call Center.

Nimoca Call Center (8am to 8pm 365 days)