Nishitetsu Comprehensive Timetable/Fare Search

Easy access timetable and fare information for passengers on the Nishitetsu buses, trains and highway buses.

Bus and Train Timetables

Search for timetable information for local buses, highway buses and trains. At the same time search for fare and transfer information. This timetable search engine has train-specific and route-map information as well.

Nishitetsu Timetables.Search Timetable.

Telephone inquiries and bookings

Smartphone and Mobile Phone Timetable Search

Mobile devices can be used to search Nishitetsu Bus and Train timetable and fare information. If you are out on a trip and you want to know what time the return bus leaves you can find out the time and fare on the spot easily.

Input a departure location and destination in English or Japanese (Kanji). Results will be displayed in English (or Japanese).