Dazaifu Liner Bus “Tabito“

Bus Line Information

Reservation Not required
(If the number of passengers reaches capacity, you may not be able to board. Please take note in advance.)
Number of buses Hakata Bus Terminal → Dazaifu( Weekdays) 24 buses (Weekends and holidays) 32 buses.
Dazaifu → Hakata Bus Terminal (Weekdays) 24 buses (Weekends and holidays) 32 buses.
Estimated travel time* 40 minutes Hakata Bus Terminal → Dazaifu
25 minutes Fukuoka Airport International Terminal → Dazaifu
Operating Company Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.

*Travel time is an estimate, and your bus may be delayed due to traffic conditions.
We appreciate your understanding.

Bus paint designs

Bus paint designs
※Some buses operating on the route do not have decorative signage.


Route Fare
Between Hakata Bus Terminal and Dazaifu ¥700
Between Fukuoka Airport and Dazaifu ¥600
From Fukuoka Airport to Hakata Bus Terminal ¥310

*No bus services from Hakata Bus Terminal to Fukuoka Airport.

Bus Timetable

From Hakata bound for Dazaifu

From Dazaifu bound for Hakata

Bus Route

↓ Depart from
Bus Stop Depart from
Dazaifu ↑
Pick-up only (Pick-up point) Hakata Bus Terminal 1F Bus Stop No.11
(Drop-off point) Hakata Bus Terminal 2F
Drop-off only
Pick-up only Fukuoka Airport International Terminal* Pick-up and Drop-off
Pick-up and Drop-off  Dazaifu Government Office Ruins Pick-up and Drop-off
Pick-up and Drop-off Dazaifu City Hall Pick-up and Drop-off
Drop-off only Dazaifu Pick-up only

Bus Stop Information

*Shuttle Bus between Fukuoka Airport International Terminal and Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal takes 11 minutes.

Discount Tickets *The following tickets can be used on the Dazaifu Liner Bus “Tabito”

Dazaifu Tourist Information

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