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NNR group CYD Vision 2025 + Medium-Term Management Plan

NNR group CYD Vision 2025 + Medium-Term Management Plan

Long-term Vision “NNR group CYD Vision 2025”

As part of our initiatives to stimulate further growth, we have drawn up “NNR group CYD Vision 2025,” our long-term vision in which we set out our directions for the coming decade.

Specifically, we aim to reinforce our businesses catering for the local market, including transportation and urban development sectors in Fukuoka, our core area, helping the city to grow. In addition, another of our goals is to gain further inroads in regional markets in Asia, our key area for opening up business ventures, expanding our global business base along with our international logistics business.

Our Long-term Vision


Future of Nishitetsu Group

In addition to acting as a driving force behind Fukuoka’s development as a city, Nishitetsu Group is actively endeavoring to achieve further growth by expanding its global businesses.


Overview of our Long-term Vision


Long-term Vision: Projected Figures

FY 2025
Consolidated operating revenue JPY 500 billion
Consolidated operating profit JPY 30 billion
ROE 8% or higher

(Reference Indicators)

Total investment JPY 400 billion or higher
(10-year total)
Interest-bearing debt/EBITDA ratio Approx. 5x
Ratio of overseas sales Approx. 25%

14th Medium-Term Management Plan

We drew up our 14th Medium-Term Management Plan, “Moving forward to Next Stage in NNR”, which covers from the 2016 to 2018 fiscal years.

This plan represents the first stage of our new long-term vision, “NNR group CYD Vision 2025.” Under the plan, we will make steady efforts to achieve the following focal strategies: “reinforce our businesses catering for the local market,” “accelerate moves into businesses outside the local market,” “expand our international logistics business” and “put in place systems for achieving growth.” By doing so, we will be well positioned to both strengthen our existing operations and expand into global markets, part of our journey to becoming the “next Nishitetsu.”



Basic Policies


Focal Strategies

1.Reinforce our businesses catering for the local market

We will seek to stimulate growth in the Fukuoka metropolitan area and revitalize our transportation lines, helping create a city that attracts a steady flow of people.

(1) Start fully-fledged work on updating Tenjin’s urban functions

  • Promote initiatives aimed at redeveloping the Tenjin area (rebuild Fukuoka Building etc.)
  • Draw up plans to develop S-class hotels
  • Further improve the appeal of the Solaria block (revamp the external concourse at Nishitetsu-Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station etc.)


Schematic view of redevelopment work in the Tenjin area
(created by Nishitetsu based on official Fukuoka City documents)

(2) Create transportation lines that bring people together

  • Promotion of development of areas surrounding train stations according to local characteristics (Futsukaichi, Kurume, Shin-Sakaemachi, new station between Zasshonokuma and Kasugabaru, etc.)
  • Development of new condominiums for senior citizens (Mikunigaoka, Island City, etc.)
  • Increase in business projects connected with agriculture (opening up of new farms, development of PB products, etc.)



Schematic view of mixed use development work at Island City

(3) Construction of sustainable public transportation models

  • Construction of BRT transportation systems in central Fukuoka
  • Measures for improving bus transfers and collaboration with other modes of transport, such as taxis
  • Construction and redevelopment of business bases (Island City etc.)

(4) Attraction of tourism and inbound tourism demand

  • Introduction of new types of tourist trains
  • Develop inbound-oriented products and services, and sell and promote these overseas

(5) Exploitation of new revenue sources

  • Consider participating in the privatization of Fukuoka Airport
  • Develop new businesses in collaboration with entrepreneurs, universities, etc.

2.Accelerate moves into businesses outside the local market

One of our challenges is to utilize our extensive know-how from existing operations to branch out into new areas with prospects for growth.

(1)Expansion into Asia

  • Development of overseas hotels (Southeast Asia etc.)
  • Development of condominiums and housing complexes (Southeast Asia etc.)

Schematic view of Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel
Bangkok (provisional name)


Schematic view of a housing development project in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
* Joint project with Hankyu Realty Co.,Ltd. and Nam Long Investment Corporation

(2) Forays into other parts of Japan

  • Development of domestic hotels (Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Osaka, etc.)
  • Expansion of our business areas for condominiums and housing complexes (Tokyo Metropolitan Area, major cities outside Fukuoka Prefecture, etc.)
  • Steady expansion of INCUBE variety stores in the Kanto region


Schematic view of Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Kyoto (provisional name)

3. Expanding our international logistics business

In order to benefit from global economic growth, we are seeking to expand our international business locations. Another of our goals is to become a more competitive player in the international logistics industry by making swift and rational decisions utilizing enhanced sales and management systems.

(1)Expansion and creation of international distribution networks

  • Expansion of bases to incorporate 105 cities in 27 countries/regions within our network (foundation of local companies, opening up of branches, etc.)
  • Enhancement of sales and management systems with our global network expansion in mind

(2) Evolution into a global logistics provider

  • Expansion of shipping and logistics operations (utilization of M&A etc.)
  • Provision of high-quality value-added services drawing on our strengths, such as AEO accreditation

4. Putting in place systems for achieving growth

We are working to undertake corporate reforms of a kind that will enable us to implement measures in an organic manner and achieve growth.

(1) Creation of frameworks for increasing our spirit of endeavor and global-mindedness

(2) Incorporation of diverse value sets

(3) Development of systems facilitating logical and rapid decision-making

(4) Development of systems which encourage departments and group companies to act independently and coordinate according to their roles

(5) Regeneration of operations to cope with changes in the business environment

Promotion of CSR management

We continue to implement CSR management with the goal of maintaining the trust of stakeholders in our group.

(1) Corporate management that prioritizes safety

(2) Promotion and improvement of compliance systems

(3) Efforts to tackle environmental issues

(4) Activities which contribute to society

Numerical Targets

FY 2018
Consolidated operating earnings JPY 400 billion
Consolidated operating profit JPY 21 billion
ROA 4.0%
ROE 7.5%
EBITDA JPY 43 billion
Interest-bearing debt/EBITDA ratio Around 5.7 times

Investment Plan

FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
JPY 44 billion JPY 45.3 billion JPY 50.2 billion