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Top Message

Sumio Kuratomi
Sumio Kuratomi, President and CEO Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.

Nishitetsu Group strives to provide services that give customers a sense of safety, comfort and expectancy. Our goal is to bring people together and carry their hopes, developing with and for the region. This is Nishitetsu Group’s Corporate Philosophy. Based on this and our Corporate Message, “Connecting your Dreams,” the guiding principle behind this philosophy, we aim to be the kind of corporate group in which each and every employee pulls out all the stops for the customer.

In order to live up to these promises and ideals and achieve further growth for the group, we drew up “NNR group CYD Vision 2025,” our new long-term vision. This vision sets out where we want to be a decade from now in this era of rapid change in the corporate environment, in which we face such challenges as Japan’s falling birthrate and aging society and globalization. As a group, we at Nishitetsu Group are united in confronting these challenges with good spirit and resolution, with the goals of acting as a driving force behind Fukuoka’s development as a city, as well as actively striving to achieve further growth by expanding our global businesses.

And as the first step in realizing our new vision, we have embarked upon our 14th Mid-term Management Plan, “Moving forward to Next Stage in NNR” (FY 2016–2018). This will enable us to both strengthen our existing operations and expand into global markets, helping us further improve our corporate value.